How To Make Your Home More Beautiful And Appealing

Every body plans to have a safe and calm place to live. A good house can fetch satisfaction for some people but a peaceful and safe home is like heaven to various others. A house is made of bricks, cement, iron, sand, mortar and with other material. But a home is made with love, affection, believe and unity. As all these attributes are required most to complete a home. Home is a place where all members live with unity and they keep tolerance for each other. Their feelings are tightly packed for each other. Everybody of us would love to have such type of home. We make home and we can make it more beautiful by enhancing its quality from interiors. As the interiors of a home is more important than the exteriors. We can plan to renovate it from inside by changing the interior living style. And thus we can carry more into our lives.


Interior painting would be the first idea to give your plan of decorating your home in a different manner. You can choose the colors of calm nature. The exterior part of interiors would have separate requirement of painting than interiors. You can use light colors mixing with other fine colors to give a positive look to your exterior part of the interiors. Wall and roof require the same style of painting while the doors and windows can be of dark color. Painting should be in every nook and corner, so that no portion of your exterior is left. The light shaded colors of your exterior walls would carry peace and unity into your home.


Your next painting assignments would be your interiors. The interiors of your home are very much used by you and you can use colors according to your liking. But beware to use some colors that are not allowed interiorly. Light pink and green or light blue colors would be our suggestion to you. Since these colors in the light shade make you relax while you are into your bedroom. It also leaves a positive impact on the mental and physical condition of your health. These colors also increase tolerance and love among each other.


The color of kitchen should not be ignored since it is your kitchen, from where positive energy enters into your home and entering within your cooked items it comes to you in food form. So kitchen should be given a color that attracts more positive energy into your home. It is very true proverb that what you eat you can be like that. So it is very much important to fetch more energy through colors.


Like the other area of your home bathroom and its surrounded areas are as important as the other part of your home. Paint your bathroom and surrounded areas with white colors since these colors are easily accommodated. Members of the family would relax during the morning hours in the light shaded colors of bathroom. Since this calm color does not reflect. In other words this portion could be changed into the modern look from traditional color style. Colors on the bathroom doors must be of dark painted.


Finally you can make your home more beautiful and appealing by changing the direction of your household items from inside. A vase with flowers and fruit baskets on your dining table will definitely be a fine idea to welcome the guests.

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Electrical And Lighting – Some Tips To Do It Yourself

Lighting installation in the house is extremely important. The lighting includes the natural lighting which includes the interiors being illuminated by the day light and the artificial lighting such as electrical lighting with lamps and others. The lighting in a house should be installed in such a way that the light is illuminated uniformly through out the houses particularly in halls. While reading books the table lights can be used. A housed designed with poor lighting system will have the impact in the health.

The mainly used lighting fixture is the holder where the bulb can be fixed. The lighting fixture should be transparent in order to illuminate the light properly. Down lighting and front lighting is commonly used in most of the houses. The light is fixed in the ceiling for down lighting and sideward in the case of front lighting. Up lighting is less commonly used in houses.

Here is a simple method to trouble shoot an electrical motor.

The wiring cover is opened by unscrewing and the screws are set aside. The motors name plate is read and the type of the motors is kept in the mind. Usually it would be a low voltage motor of 115 volts or 230 volts. It could also be a 230 volt three stage motor or a 430 volt high voltage motor. This determines the number of power leads the motor has. Two power leads motor are single phased motor of 115 volt or 230 volt whereas all the three phase motors will such as 230 volt and 430 volt have three wire leads.

The plastic wire connectors are removed that is connected to the power supply. Volt ohm meter set to the ohm condition.   In order to ensure the rotation now identify the power leads with the volt ohm meter the lead should read as Open lead (OL) or zero ohms. So when the motor is re-terminated the rotation would be correct.

Touch any one lead to the volt ohm meter to the case of the motor. It should read zero or open lead. If it shows any voltage then it could be a short in the motor windings. This shows a bad motor. If the resistance of the volt meter reads 20 mega ohms or larger in the case of a three phase motor then it is fine. Some three phase motors are designed to have high resistances. This could also be the symbol of bearing being weird and windings may be spoilt due to the excessive heat created.

In case of a single phase motor the capacitor should be removed from its housing. Do not touch the leads of the capacitor. It is similar to the battery and might have stored high voltage charge. Now turn the ohm meter to voltage and touch the leads of the exploded capacitor. If the voltage is read then the capacitor is charged. Hold the lead until the capacitor fully discharges and read zero. In case of a single phase motors only the capacitor needs to be changed most of the time

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Self Repair Guide For The Automobiles

Repairing one’s own car and other automobiles is not only an exciting task but also quite challenging. If you find it this way then read on to find the best and easiest ways to do the job. Finding a mechanic on a deserted highway at an odd hour might be a tough ask and therefore it is mandatory to have certain key skills for car repairs. A good understanding of the job could turn out to be quite interesting actually so much so that you might pursue your hobby in a more regular fashion, even helping out your friends fix their small issues.

The repairs of the automobiles can be divided into four different categories. The first of these is the common break downs, these problems can be handled by even the starters as they are quite common with cars. Second kind is the electrical repairs works; these have to be dealt with care because they are delicate. Handling it would also be preparatory for the next level. The third kind of problems is the sophisticated ones. These are high end mechanical issues and require thorough knowledge and skills to tackle it. The final kind is the general and regular maintenance work. Here are the descriptions of each.

Common Repairs

All the replacement work come under the category of the common repairs like replacing the fuel filter, or braked disc, or exhaust pipe, or fuel gauge, or break brake pad or even the light bulbs. All these items mentioned above or other such parts are readily available in the market in spares. All that you need is the general tolls like the screw drivers and wrenches etc.

Electrical Repairs

A large part of the automotive repairs consists of the electrical repair works. This is because majority of the components of the car are either made of electronics or can work with electricity. This category of works include-

Fixing the general wiring of the components in a quick fashion

Fixing of any minor faults in the fuse

For this purpose however it is necessary to have the knowledge of the wiring procedures and electricity repairs.

Advanced Repairs

Such repairs are meant to be done by a beginner. One can do it only if he is well versed with the nuances of repair works be it electrical repairs, routine repairs or mechanics. These advanced repairs include

Wheel repairs

Attaching pump of water to the car

Alteration of the fuel injection system.

Repairing the tank of fuel

Changing the brake line

Altering the fuel pump


A continuous check up and maintenance is the only way one can keep the car in a free working condition and without any major repair. Often people tend to think that the process of maintenance is useless if the car is fine but they are hugely mistaken. Another misconception is that they feel that by changing the engine oil they have done their bit in maintenance. It is actually seasonal.

è Seasonal Maintenance – the wind shield should stay refreshed during the spring time whereas during the summers the coolant of the car has to be on track.

Other regular tasks include the check up of the battery or the air filter and spark plug etc.

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Plumbing – some Useful Tips

After using pipes, taps and tubes for sometime they get bad. To call a plumber every time for petty stuff can cost you high, so we have some useful tips for you to follow that you can do by yourself.

If an emergency occurs, don’t switch on your panic button. There is a main closing tap you can look for it somewhere out of your house. Under the kitchen sink you will find another closing tap. Separate the water from the main supply, if the tank container is available. Shut down the water supply of the pipe. To make sure that water supply is shut keep a bucket near the pipe. Open the taps of the entire house and keep the bucket where the pipe is leaking until the water is removed completely. This is the way you can repair a broken pipe. 

The drainage pipe of the unwanted water should be linked with the sewer line. Recognizing the bad smell of that water is not that hard as the water comes from the toilet. Make a hollow space from one side of the wall. Make sure that the hollow space that you have made should be bigger then the actual size of the pipe.

The device that joins the two pipes is linked to the water sewer as the way of doing is quiet easy you just have to cut the pipe and take away the burrs and then put the unwanted water pipe inside the fitting. Cement which can be dissolved easily is used to strengthen the pipe or a washer made from rubber is forced in the pipe which is cut and finally the pipe of the washing machine is put inside the washer-made out of rubber as hard as we can and lastly tighten the nut. In this way we can squeeze the washer and can close the pipe.

Pipes that are made of plastic are highly suitable for the push fittings; hence buy the plastics which are in 100meter coils and can remove the joins. The most important factor, why we use these pipes that are made of rubber is due to that they can change easily and can be molded and also a lot of mess can be prevented. A right kind of cutter -if used aptly, then the pipes of the plastics can be cut very nicely, there will be no joints and a hole can be made in the joints. These pipes are free of rust; hence it is not of much problem, as these pipes cannot get rusted. In the pipes made of copper the gets condensed and the pipe becomes green in color. These pipes can be used many times and there is no need of any important kind of tools for the purpose of the installation. Avoid olives made out of brass, use olives made out of copper.

In this way, fitting in the radiators becomes quiet handy. These are the simple ways through which plumbing can be made so simple and can also save your money too. These skills can be used by anyone and everyone, your age or your occupation is not a hindrance. Little children can also try there hands on plumbing. Wake up everyone and do some work in plumbing.


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