Is EPDM The Best Of Flat Roof Materials

There are several types of flat roof materials on the market to choose from when you need a new flat roof covering. However, the most prominent material to become popular is EPDM. This membrane is manufactured from thick strong rubber and will give you many years of satisfaction. It comes with a 20 year guarantee which proves how confident the manufacturer is of its durability. This material is very simple to lay, is beneficial for the environment, is very sturdy and resistant to the stresses put on a roof by the climate conditions over the years.

EPDM is a little more expensive than traditional flat roofing materials but this is negated by the length of time it will remain sound and effective. A 20 year guarantee is included but you can look forward to many more trouble free years with this material. Some of the first customers are still enjoying their EPDM flat roof after 50 years. Minimal maintenance is needed over the decades and it will more than repay its cost compared with maybe having several new roofs made of inferior quality materials.

The main thing you want from your flat roof is that it is not adversely affected by extreme weather conditions encountered over the years. Heat and cold can be equally destructive to roofing materials and any small hole or crack can quickly become a major problem. Rain will seep into the smallest of gap, cavities or areas weakened by the heat or cold. Fortunately, EPDM is impervious to these climate conditions and will not split, distort or distend over the years.

Animals and birds can damage flat roofs over time as can garden and tree debris blown onto the roof during windy weather. However, EPDM is constructed to resist such physical contacts.

Your flat roof is in the front line to cope with all types of weather traits. As it does not have a gradient to allow the water to run off, it has in the past been problematic to ensure the roof is covered with no chance of leaks developing during its lifetime. EPDM does provide this assurance and you will be given a 20 year guarantee on the material which covers the minimum life of the roof covering.

EPDM is considered one of the best flat roof materials and you can enjoy competitive pricing and high quality installation with