EPDM Roofing Membranes

When choosing a material to cover your flat roof, forget traditional roof coverings and consider EPDM roofing membranes. This is an excellent choice for flat roofs as it protects against virtually all climatic conditions and can even withstand a person walking on the surface. The flexibility of the material allows any shape or contour to be easily covered. There is no requirement for any other substances to be laid on top of the membrane and the materials are friendly to the environment.

Bitumen, asphalt and built up flat roofs have, historically, been the coverings of choice for roofs. However, these do fail relatively quickly due to the extremes of the British weather. The climate conditions here can change quickly from hot to cold and wind, rain, frost and snow pressures can cause leaks through damage or rupture of the material.

EPDM roofing membranes are produced to be strong and extremely weatherproof by epdm manufacturers. The effect of hot summers and cold winters and erratic weather during the year can all be negated by this type of membrane. UV resistant, flexible, strong and resilient, this material will secure your roof against all the weather conditions the British climate can throw at it.

EPDM installation is safe and will not disturb your neighbours as there is no heat required during the process. The suppleness of the material will allow any awkward areas of your roof to be covered easily without ripping. Since the 1960s, over one billion square metres of EPDM roofing membrane using epdm products have been used to cover roofs and they are still being effectively protected today.

With a 20 year guarantee, EPDM roofing membranes provide first rate, enduring and resilient protection against all weather conditions. You can have peace of mind that your home will remain dry and damp free for many years to come without the need to replace your flat roof covering on a regular basis.

EPDM roofing membranes from RubberBond.co.uk provide stress free and leak free roofing for extensions and any other buildings with flat roofs.